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COVID-19 and Technology



Hello all,

Today I had to submit an essay on a debatable topic and how it affects today’s society. The topic I chose is technology. Upon further research for my essay I’ve come to find out that we are in for some rude awakenings if we are behind the curb in the technology arena. What do I mean by this? Well just look at the news, there are tons of lay offs and people have no idea whats next. On another hand companies are forcing their employees, if possible, to work from home. Before I go further let’s talk about the kids and school, it looks like there is about to be a lot of online learning occurring from within our homes. All of this in turn will  create more demands in the tech sector, for the expansion of course and it will also create some challenges on the other hand for those who may not be so tech savvy. I encourage everyone to do some research or speak with someone that can assist you with any changes that may be challenging during these times. I will update my blog within the coming days with resources so that we can all work together without panic. I will also be discussing how us tech people can capitalize during these trying times. Stay tuned!

-Visionz of Success

Google wants you to grow with them

We couldn’t help but to share what we’ve come across today. As we were logging into our g mail account we couldn’t help but notice the “Grow with Google” link. You can click here to visit the Google page, which has all the juicy details. It looks as though Google has partnered with Coursera, Goodwill and others to bring us tools for success. Google seems to be offering tons of resources to students, teachers,job seekers and even developers! It’s worth a look to see what all they have to offer. As we browse through their site we will be sure to share what we’ve uncovered. We plan to benefit from these tools as well. Good luck.

Windows introduce new digital virtual assistant. Meet Cortana

Cortana For Windows 8.1

Cortana For Windows

Microsoft appears to have introduced to us its new digital personal assistant named Cortana. Visionz Of Success would like to share some key features for this new digital personal assistant finally introduced by Windows.

– She will be available on your Windows device. Check your device settings for updates.

– She can keep you updated on current events or help you manage your busy day

-She has a notebook where she takes notes about you and the tasks ahead. This feature is called Cortanas Notebook

– Cortana can help you learn about music. Just let her listen and she will reveal the information via the phones browser

– Cortana can be paired with the Bluetooth system in your car just pair your device and let Cortana do the rest

Remember, you must have a device running Windows 8.1. If you are unsure click here for the exacts on how to get Cortana on your device today.